This project was a beautiful, elegant, modern renovation on which we worked with our clients, using customized large format tiles for the driveway and patio areas.  The Black Basalt formed the perfect backdrop for the pristine landscaping.  This natural stone is elegant and luxurious and uplifts the entire entryway of the property. Monochromatic colours do not have to be boring, once different textures are introduced to the design.  This Client wanted a very elegant streamlined modern look. The different sizes of Basalt defined the separate spaces.  Monolithic stair treads make a seamless transition from driveway to covered patio.  By using Basalt tiles throughout, flowing from the covered porch out to her driveway, it gives the appearance of a much larger space and created an expansive area for entertaining.  Elegance and Luxury were the desired outcome for this project.

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Guided through the entire process installation, sealing and maintenance.

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