Travertine Series Ivory

Warmth and flowing tones of traditional Travertine.


Inspired by nature and achieved through cutting edge technology, the Travertine Series offers old world charm with the advantages of todays porcelain tiles.  The warmth and flowing tones of traditional travertine are replicated in this new series of outdoor Porcelain. The Travertine Series is available in 1cm and 2cm for exterior applications. The colour options are painstakingly recreated to replicate the unique shading and colour tones of traditional travertine.

Color Variations

These products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in colour, shade and tint. Please use the above images as an indication only. Not all variations that are shown in these images are present and there will be further variations not shown here.

Product Options

SKU Type Dimensions Description
34.4”L x 17.7”W x 0.4”H

Porcelain Tile

TR2461T Floor Tile
23.6”L x 15.74”W x 0.8”H

Porcelain Chiseled Edge 2cm Floor Tile